Should I straddle him one night and kiss him silly, or continue not doing anything but talk?

I have a friend, B, that I have been knowing for about 2 months now and I really like him and recently I told him and he was like OK cool. But the first day we met we flirted heavily and I let him touch the booty, later that night we continued to hang out and watch movies, I let him sleep in my dorm because he fell asleep watching the movie. The next couple of times, we hung out and he commented on how he like thick cute girls like me, and we watched movies again. Then I let him feel me up again and after that I texted him but he never replied. The next day I got mad and deleted his number. Then I lost my SIM card to my phone so his name and number were lost for good. I recently found out that the number I was blocking (thinking it was someone else) was his number and he had been trying to hang out with me since the last time I let him feel me up. So about 3 weeks ago me and friends go drinking and to a party, my boyfriend (that I hate) is there as well. While my boyfriend is flirting with other girls I'm talking with B and he comments on how good I look. That night my boyfriend gets agitated at the party because he wasn't having fun and he takes me and leave. Later on in the wee hours of the morning I was feeling depressed and I texted B. He came by at 1am and sat and talked with me until I fell asleep. That night I told him I liked him but I was a little drunk so I don't think he took it to heart. We've hung out since then and my boyfriend thinks I'm cheating on him with B, but who cares. 2 days ago I'm talking on the phone with B, and I tell him again that I like him and I lust after him and he is so cool with it. So last night I asked him to come over and help me pick scary movies for my broke b day party this Saturday night, and he came by at 2 am in the morning. so we talked and picked movies and I confided in him about the issues I'm having with my boyfriend, and B was like I need to drop the boyfriend. Then me and B start fooling around, playful hitting, and fondling. But I really want to kiss him. I've straddled him before for a back massage, but I think straddling him and kissing him is going to far. can any guys give me some insight to what his feelings for me might be and if I should straddle him or not and kiss him or just stay horny friends.


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  • Definitely go in for the kill, seems about right


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