What do men fantasize about?

just curious


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  • You girls would hate us if you knew our daily thoughts haha.

    I'm sorry to say but even though guys can be different, I think the main thing... brace yourself... is a threesome.

    Yes I know most girls take it to heart like "Am I not good enough by myself?" I'm hear to say that yes you ARE but if you're willing to bring another girl in...just for the very rare occasion we will think MORE highly of you!

    One of my exes invited a girl just for oral one time...and I swear to you that me and that girlfriend were stronger because of it...it showed trust between eachother.

    • No. no. no lol

      if my man wants a threesome he can have it with someone else.

      im selfish.

      my d***. no one elses.

      end of story.


    • I think a lot of men fantasize about threesomes. I don't think it is because a man doesn't think that his partner is good enough for him. It is, after all, just a fantasy. I sometimes fantasy about two different men, doesn't mean I'd ever do it. I'd have to agree with Katie that it wouldn't be cool to try it out in person. At least for me, I don't wanna another woman touching my man. But if you & your girlfriend are comfortable with it, that's your business. Thank for the honesty.

  • Women- them in sexy clothes (nice jeans that show off her butt) which tends to convert to her in lingerie and then naked. Women masturbating, giving or receiving oral and having sex with them. Their enthusiasm is a key part in the whole thing.

  • Girls. girls in bikinis, naked girls, f***ing girls, boobs, ass, tight pants, thongs, tight shirts, girls in mini skirts... can't think of anything else right now.

  • Girls in tight pants or leggings, leggings are best cause you can see the panty line or their thong sticking out, it really turns me on.

  • Women. Or, other men.

    • I've always wondered, do most men fantasize at least once about another man? If so, is it because they find other men attractive or something else? Sorry, I'm just curious.

    • Mm, I reckon a lot of men go through a time where they fantasise about other fellas. Same way people fantasies about their parents, sisters, animals, children...

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  • Girls probably,

    But I dream about guys, cuddling, and stuff like that.