My girlfriend slept with over 20 guys she only 18!!

OK she is my first girlfriend I ever dated. I already had sex with her. But like one day I ask her how many guys have you slept with ! She said 20 or more ! Now I feel like she kinda a slut . I only slept with 2 girls and she the second one! What do I do I always think about all the other guys she bin with creeps me out !


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  • dump her man this will always bother you and your young man try and do better for yourself.


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  • Don't ask if you don't really want to know the answer. Stop asking how many people your partner has been with folks. You're not ever going to be completely comfortable with the answer.

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    • Also I don't look at a women as an object however she does represent you like you represent her.

    • Vmw hit the nail right on the head.

  • Yea and they probably did her better than you are doing her!

    Quit being a jackass about it and either quit worrying about it or just tell her it's not going to work out between the two of you. Its not like having sex with others changes anything that matters.

  • She's still the same person she was before she shared that information with you. If you really like her, then I think its sad if you let her history affect whether or not you want to be with her. She's with YOU now, not any of those other guys.

  • just think that she will not cheat on you,and you should be good.

    ask her why she did it, and if she will leave you for any of those guys?

    ask her to stop comparing to anyone sexually if she is doing it.

    otherwise, she is with you and you should realize that hopefully she learned her lesson from sleeping around is not good.


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  • Assuming she started having sex at 16, going through an average of 1 partner every month, I'd be surprised it wasn't more like 24. The question you have to ask is why would she tell you 20? To make you jealous? Was it a lie? Why would she tell the truth, does she like you that much, or why wouldn't she lie to you and say just a few? Its never as simple as it seems.

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