Why haven't I gotten my period?

so I had sex on October 12. the condom broke and I'm 100% sure the come went in me.

so the next day, less then 24 hours later, I got plan b.

i took it and a week after that, which was October 20, I got my period.

i wouldn't call it my period though. I bled for about a day and a half, probably not even that long.

i know plan b f***s up your body and your hormones but having that "period" could also be considered spotting, but I wouldn't spot that early?

my regular period comes any time within the first week of the month, I don't keep track but my last period ended October 8th.

its not the 6th and I still haven't gotten it.

i took a pregnancy test less then a week ago and it came out negative.

im just scared, I feel like my stomach feels weird and looks bigger, but I wouldn't show this early on, and I think its just my mind scaring me.

so many people have told me different things about that pill and that it will mess up my period.

but what's wrong? do you think I could be pregnant?
Why haven't I gotten my period?
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