How do I stop being emotional?

Iv'e been a loner and I hide a lot of feelings but when I'm alone, my eyes leaks a lot and I feel depressed. I'm in pain. It's discomforting but not a serious condition happening everyday like 24/7, sometimes tolerable, sometimes hell and it's been going on for months now due to infertility and the only cure is a testicular surgery which I don't have time and money for... and I think that's the cause of my depression. by the way I don't use it as an excuse because I just don't want people to compare me which they always do. I have a bit of anxiety. I just don't know how to make people take me seriously...
It can happen forever...


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  • To be very vague, get a job, make some friends, and get a hobby. Since you can get the surgery at any time period, there's not much to be sad about unless you want kids at this very moment. Just live your life and save money for it.

    • Thanks but I do have a job and what I meant when hiding feelings is i hide them at work a lot. And because of this, i earn money so slow since I can't work so hard. I just wish i dont really have to spend or wish this never happened to me but i have no choice.. The pain + effort just depresses me.

    • I just wanna know how stop being emotional and look for new friends so I can work better. Thanks again.

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  • Try to control it

    • Well easy for you to say. I sometimes wish I'm a girl even tho I'm not homo so I don't have to control it a lot.

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