I want to make him lose his mind with desire. How do I make him hot like he got at the beginning?

So, I met this guy at work. We both broke up with our significant others about the same time, and ended up talking about it together since we were going through the same stuff. He confessed he was attracted to me, and I said it was mutual. We talked all the time, almost every night for hours. Now we just hang out all the time and I stay over a lot. We don't always have sex, mostly because of his roomies. I made him so hot the first time he saw me naked on webcam, he was almost shaking, which I guess according to him never happens. We have gone on a few dates and he's dealing with his ex because she doesn't want to let go, and I'm having the same problems with mine. It makes it hard because we can't really be open about our feelings for each other or affectionate around people our ex's are friends with. We also have to be quiet at his apartment, because his ex knows his room mates and is worried they'll tel her I'm staying over or that we're having sex.

It sucks, but I want to turn him on like I did that time and really make him want me like he's never had me before, even though he has several times.

So guys. How does your girlfriend or girls you've had sex with already make you crazy again like the first time you saw her naked?

Girls. What do you do to make your guy go insane for you?

I want to drive him crazy, be the best he's ever had, and ultimately blow this ex out of the water. I want to be the love of his life, but his dream sex kitten.

Hit me with your answers!


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  • First, don't worry about outdoing his ex. He is obviously very attracted to you already. If he likes to see you naked, which it seems that he does, try doing a sexy striptease and dance for him naked. Don't let him touch you, it will drive him crazy. You can do a lapdance as well. Letting him take you all in naked should be an incredible turn on for him.


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