Mixed signals from a friend with benefits?


Ok so I started hooking up with my friends brother. My friend used to tell me how he always thought I was cute and how he was too "intimidated" to come visit me in the store we worked in. He at one point got my screen name from his sister and started talking to me on AIM. We talked for a few days... it was pretty flirty the whole time. Eventually we exchanged numbers and started texting a lot. The texts and IM conversations turned pretty sexual and at one point he asked me if I was serious about this, which I answered I was if he was. He than asked me if I wanted to hang out the next day... we made up a story about why I would be coming over to tell his sister (I guess we didn't want her to know what was going on) so we told her he was going to fix my laptop. When he comes to pick me up from work, I get into the car and he immediately kisses me and tells me how pretty I look. We then head over to the movie theater, but before we went in we started getting a little hot and heavy...After a few minutes we go see the movie.. during the movie he holds my hand, puts his arms around me and kisses me. Afterwards, we go to his house and hook up. During the whole time he's very affectionate, kissing me, looking at me in the eyes and cuddling with me. So after that night I didn't hear from him for a few days, and when I do talk to him we talk about what happened and I told him I liked him (meant I liked hanging out with him but he took it as I LOVE YOU) and freaked out and told me he still loves his ex. So I talked to him, telling him he will find better.. He thanked me the next day and I just kept trying to cheer him up. We talked on and off then he starts texting me telling me he wants me and asking if I wanted to see a movie or play video games... We end up hooking up several more times, usually we go right into it, hang out watching movies for a while, then hook up again... But again, the whole time he always kisses me when he first sees me and before he leaves, he cuddles with me, holds my hand and looks at me in the eyes... which is confusing because I've never had a "hook up" do that, even if we are friends otherwise. He also lately has been very "possessive".. calling me and texting (although he told me not to text him anymore because I don't have verizon and he doesn't have unlimited and he went over before) and IMing me til I answer him. He also has been jealous of men I talk about and every few weeks will ask "how my boyfriend is doing" even though he knows I don't have one. Whenever I make a joke about his girlfriends he always makes a point to say "I don't have one" He also wants to have a say in what color I dye my hair, what I spend my money on, etc. It was also clear he was upset when I told him I was seeing other people.

Is this just a hook up to him or is there some deeper feelings? I'm just confused due to all the mixed signals he keeps giving... It just seems weird if were friends and just "hooking up"
Mixed signals from a friend with benefits?
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