Is there still a chance for me and my ex to get back together?

my ex and I broke up over sexual issues.I was bad at sex at that time .After we broke up we became f***ing buddies.N I was getting better .We both had a lot of hook-ups after the breakup.One day I told him about going to meet some guy from NYC and he was like"what if I say I shouldn't meet him"n"soldier is getting a little jealous but okay."later after we had sex I confessed to him I still had feelings for him and he said he was still having a little feeling for me that was why he said the things above.after we have sex we always lie next to each other,my hand on his chest,talking bout things,he said he never had this kind of conversations with girls after sex except with me I didn't know whether he was lying or telling the truth.anyway we always lie next to each other after sex,my hand on his chest,n talk about things.I always try to touch his junk,but he just grabs my wrist to keep me from doing this.Recently he's been really tired since he's f***ed a lot of girls.But he still calls me over.Just 3 days ago he texted about wanting to f*** me in the ass,i arrived athis dorm only to find him not that horny,He said he was not that well .He texted just because he missed me and wanted 2 c me.We f***ed for a while then got back to talking.He recently got a job with some big firm .I told him I have a suit fetish.He said he could stop by my place after work.I told him I was gonna f*** him really good but he just laughed:"no, I'm going to take you to dinner!"

Then there's another thing.i was supposed to meet another guy the next day.I woke up not in the mood.I texted him about it.He said"come on, you've had a three sum!"then I asked him again he said"do what's best for u."today he texted him about wanting to come to my place to c me but I wasn't home.

Does he still care about me? cause I'm still in love with him...But he and I have both been hooking up a lot after the breakup.When we were still together we were both true to each other.Does he still care about me? is there a possibility that we will go back together?
Is there still a chance for me and my ex to get back together?
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