Yeast infection question?

So I have a yeast infection, but the itching is on and off. I’ve had the itching for the past month, but only realized it was a yeast infection about 2 weeks ago. It’s probably been one the whole time, but because I didn’t have much strange discharge until about 2 and a half weeks ago, I didn’t know.

MY QUESTION is, can month- month and a half lon yeast infections cause problems if left untreated? I know you are wondering why I haven’t gotten it treated, but I will be telling my mom to get me treatment in the next day or so. My period is supposed to start tomorrow, so can I still take the treatment?

Please someone reassure me that having a yeast infection for this long will not harm me (aside from discomfort) I’m kinda scared that I have left it to cause stuff... Someone help!


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  • I'm not a doctor, but I've had a few and it hasn't done any harm to me.

    There are over the counter remedies that you can buy at most pharmacies that will take care of it most of the time in a few days.

    Moisture makes things worse... If you use pads, do your best to keep the area dry

    • Ok thanks so much (also i’ve had my period once while having it and it was uncomfortable but it didn’t bother that hell outta me)

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