Guys, Condom too tight- should I be concerned?

So I'm an 18 year old male, uncircumcised, pretty normal penis size (about 6 inches and a pretty normal width by comparison.) I tried putting on a condom- fairly standard, Durex, 'Intimate Feel' and encountered problems. It felt too tight and I found I couldn't roll it down the whole way, and it pulled my foreskin uncomfortably far down, causing a little pain. Is it a simple matter that the condom is too small and that I should buy a different brand or size, or should I be concerned? I don't really encounter any other problems down there, I can retract and replace the foreskin just fine and I don't experience soreness/tenderness for no reason, but I'm a bit worried it could be something wrong. Anybody else had similar experiences, or have any advice for me?


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  • Maybe the wrong way, I'm as thick as my wrist and large some are tught but if you try the wrong way yeh no good, you need to pinch the tip so what I do is pinch the tip and clench your foreskin at the same time pull a little this will make it easier practice a few times before you do this in front of your partner so you look li one a pro!


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