Guys why do you disappear and come back to a girl? why?

OK so why would a guy say talk to you text you pursue you, and say you hook up ( no sex, no oral) just make out, dry hump w/e. than he gets the idea nothing further. He disappears, become a bit distant if I text so I stop 2 texts max if he still has same attitude I back off. Than I hear from him again, full on trying to get me back, than I give in after a while same story? I know you'll say he just tried to get in to your pants didn't but I am sure he can get it way easier somewhere else for sure. PS. his ex cheated on him year ago. they went out couple of years. ... now I know he owes me nothing, we didn't officially date so I can't be mad but I do get mad? how do I even respond when he comes back? like be distant and just like nothing happened, or do I just totally not answer him. I do like him, and I get the point he has been hurt etc. but not an excuse. Now if say I wanted to kind of may b take a chance on him again how do I react in a way that he won't be scare and run away again. ( we do have like talks obviously I try get to know him, when he opens up a bit that is when disappearing happens).

out for a month and comes back.


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  • read 'men are from mars and women are from venus'. there you'll find the answers. it's a good book about relationship.

    • haha I have read the book when I was at barns and nobles. I rather hear from men themselves if have a feedback about why

    • possibilities:

      1. he needed a time to think about his self.

      2. he needed time to think about making a new relationship

      3. he needed time to think about making a new relationship with you

      4. he is afraid the past will come back and haunt his ass.

    • well thank you :) I hope these are one of the reasons lol I feel like he uses me more for emotional needs and than backs off till he gets tired of other girls.

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  • ...kk I may not be much help here but maybe he is keeping something from you. kuje just isn't ready to tell you something. You should probably keep trying. He will probs open up eventually, and when he does, the disappearing should stop.

    hope it helps


    • thanks. I forgot to mention he does that for a month or 2! so not sure about keeping something from me. I guess he isn't as into me as I think as a girlfriend or dating material. I know I need to move on but really liked him :/ it just makes worse I am so over him, than boom he is back in the picture. nd not to be conceited I am attractive, I know personality etc counts too. but if we talked so much he couldn't of not liked me for that too. sorry rambling now