Is it normal for a girl to come this much?

OK, so I masturbate like every other day or so. But I can always feel my panties wet, always! I don't know if its cause I masturbate a lot or maybe things turn me on, but I'm curious. Its not like (oh my gosh I just pee'd myself) kind of wet. Its a (oh I have a wet spot) kinda wet. Also I can feel it when its coming out of my lips on my vagina. Have you ever experienced this? Is this normal or what's going on?


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  • Obviously I haven't, but that is what panty liners are for. Caused either by arousal or just normal maintenance of your Vag during the day. There is an equivalent. Of I am aroused either by non-ejaculating making out or even watching p0rn, I can be soaked with precum up front quite a lot.


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  • very normal.