Bet to give a guy a lapdance?

Call me a slut, or whatever you want to, but I love being open, flirty, and doing sexy things with guys I'm not officially dating. But to the question, there is this one guy I was kind of good friends with and we made a bet. To cut to the chase, I lost and I have to give him a lapdance after the event we were at. He was flirting with me, touching me, dancing with me, stuff like that the whole night (well obviously). But I ended up having to leave early. Well the next night I saw him he kept looking at me but wouldn't say anything and was almost avoiding me.

How can I restore this little... thing we have going? Should I talk to him on Facebook and ask if he is made, or next time I see him strike up another bet?
Bet to give a guy a lapdance?
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