Is it normal or a fetish?

I'm going try an be serious here and say I love giving blow-jobs. Maybe it's because I haven't had sex yet but its like a thing with me.

I love being able to take a guy's d*** all the way in my mouth and hearing him moan with pleasure and holding it in my hand makes me feel so powerful just knowing I can control him at that moment. The whole art of looking him in the eyes (watching him watch me) while I play along the head of his d*** with my tongue just turns me on in all sorts of ways. The ending has to be the best part though, seeing and hearing him want to finish so bad but not letting him until you have teased him just enough. I'm getting all excited.

I'm not going to say I'm great at giving head but most guys (it's not that many) say that it wasn't what I was doing, it was how I was doing it. I wanted to know if this counts as a fetish or is it normal?
Is it normal or a fetish?
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