Girls: how firmly or gently do you like your boobies touched during sex?

Probably like everyone when I first laid my hands on a girl's breast and went to heaven, I barely touched them I was so gentle. And I still do that during foreplay a lot. But over time observing how girls touch their own boobs when they are near an orgasm, I saw them squeeze the boobs pretty hard. One day a girl put her hand on top of mine touching her breast, and squeezed it unbelievably hard - on my own I could not have imagined this could be pleasant in fact I thought it would leave bruises.

So I just realized this site is perfect to ask everyone in a sort of s survey - at its firmest how do you like your breasts touched during sex?

Let's say excitement wise this is when your guy, whom you trust with your body, has got you going pretty good, and you have healthy natural breasts that don't normally cause you any unusual pain or strain.
I never ever want anything more than a very gentle touch, similar to how one would touch my face.
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Relatively gentle - about same as how most guys say they like their testicles touched
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About same as other parts of my body - butt, legs, waist, etc.
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If I am excited enough, I like a pretty firm touch, considerably firmer than how most guys have tended to touch my boobs so far
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Quite firm. If I am excited, as long as it does not leave a bruise, I love it. Hold me by my boobs when you give it to me doggie, or guide my motions by my boobs when I am riding you.
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Girls: how firmly or gently do you like your boobies touched during sex?
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