Girls: What is your most successful BJ Technique?

It seems simple. Whatever produces the fastest arousal, lead-up and orgasm is it. Unlike fvcking (and even that is only sort-of true for men), the intensity of The Moment is matters. Here is what I have experienced.

Deep-throating does not improve the experience since it is the cap that wants stimulation by lips and tongue. The same is true with frantic full length head-bobbing because her lips spend much of their time in the shaft.

The two techniques I most like are:

Interactive/mouth fvcking. She keeps her head stationary and focuses on sucking, licking and probing the slot with her tongue while I thrust in short strokes in varying speeds, based on what I need, so that my cap keeps passing through her pursed lips. Her hand work is limited to cupping and massaging my sack. When I come, she stops licking and keeps light vacuum on and may thrust randomly to keep ejaculation going.

"Mamasan" style with me passive. She "nurses" at the cap, numming (think baby at the breast), sucking and licking while rapidly stroking at the shaft with a light grip that does not completely flatten the vein in the underside. Because I like it, she also rhythmically stimulates my prostate inside my anus using "come here" movements with her finger tip. She has learned to enhance each contraction with light finger pressure when I come but otherwise stops licking, keeps light vacuum, and lets me thrust to finish.

Actually, when she gives me a BJ, we start "interactive" and finish "Mamasan" pretty much always.

Other experiences?
Girls: What is your most successful BJ Technique?
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