How do you get a girl to mess with you?

I never been on a date or had my first kiss but my brother can get p***y when ever he want. What can I do about my ugrs that I have on a regular bases and p**n don't help any more.


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  • sounds like your brother is a gold mine of information, why are you not taking advantage of that. I had to learn everything the hard way, you actually know someone who can help you out. Offer to clean his room or something who cares. What you can take out of it is priceless man

    • he no help he never tell me anything when I ask him

  • It's not about being slick or going to a bar and finding a random chick to have a one night stand with. If your a nice guy , pull off a relationship. There usually more reliable then anything.

    • I still in school and the thing is every one around me has had sex and stuff get hard in the hall and when I try to talk to a girl my sh*t almost pop out my pants.