How do you know if he just wants to bang me or if he likes me?

I met a guy about a month ago.

From the start, we had intense chemistry.

We have mutual friends and our circle keeps growing by the week. He's getting closer with my friends. and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other this summer.

So, first time we met I got drunk and sick and he took care of me and put me to bed. Not thinking I'd get a call back, I did. We've hung out every week since and keep in contact. He is always having people over at his house for parties a couple times a week so I go over there usually.

We've had sex about 5 times. And he tells me how sexy I am and blah de blah.

He has asked me out to dinner/drinks several times but it never works well for my schedule. Like tonight he asked me out again but I am busy.

He seems very on/off. Sometimes he's texting me trying to hang out all the time and the others I don't hear from him.

Does he know what he wants? Is he messing with me?

I don't know what his intentions are. I don't know if he's trying to bang me or trying to date me maybe. I'm just playing it cool though and not saying anything because we are friends and I will be seeing him a lot.

Tomorrow night we are going to a bar to watch our friends play. All our friends will be there.

... but really, how do I tell if he likes me or just wants to bang me?

please anything will help.

Thanks guys.

One thing I noticed, this boy is a complete d-bag (or has a rep. for it) he can seem to have a "I'm better than you" attitude... but the past couple weeks he has changed and is so nice. My friends have even mentioned it.
How do you know if he just wants to bang me or if he likes me?
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