Anal Bleaching? Opinions?

I am considering buying a cream so that I can bleach the skin around my anus and vagina (particularly the tips of my labia minora). When I first discovered myself "down there" I was pretty shocked and somewhat self-conscious when I discovered that the skin around these places was significantly darker than my skin everywhere else. Actually, I'm not even sure the word "darker" is appropriate; it's more like it's a totally different color--grey. I'm white with a fairly light complexion so it stands out quite a bit. I feel like the skin down there just always looks like it's dirty, no matter how much I try to clean it. I gave up trying to clean the color away several years ago, and just accepted that there was nothing I could do about it. But then recently I learned that they actually sell bleaching creams for this problem, and I'm curious about trying it.

Does anyone else out there have this problem? Has anyone out there tried an anal bleaching cream? Any recommendations? Did it hurt? Guys, what do you think of girls whose genitals are discolored like this? Should I do it?
Anal Bleaching? Opinions?
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