Hooked up with a guy for the first time and he came in my mouth?

i met this guy he's really great really cute really cool. I never hook up with a guy right away but we started making out I had it already set in my head that I wouldn't do anything else with him. we were making out in his car and he ended up just kind of taking it out and gently pushing my head like daring me. I don't know WHAT happened but I did it I don't know why after I started I was like sh*t...well I don't know if I should stop or not. well that decision was taken from me after about 1 minute of head maybe a little bit more he came in my mouth without any warning and he came A LOT.so I swallowed no big deal but I was going to stop once I heard the warning and saying come somewhere else or on my chest but he gave NO WARNING (purposely?) anyways we are with each other now with a great relationship so all is well I guess my main questions are

girls did any of you have a situation where a guy did something daring(like whip it out and push your head down in a sexy gentle way) and end up hooking up more than you intended?

guys do you ever think or plan about that stuff like do something to where she wouldn't know how to react so shed probably just follow through with it?

girls and guys with a first time hook up without discussing or planning hooking up do you guys generally warn when your about to blow? or do you just let loose without warning? and girls do you stop and say something if you hadn't discussed it? like about him cumming?
Hooked up with a guy for the first time and he came in my mouth?
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