What drives men wild in the bed?

I am looking for more tips on what drives men wild... I know a couple of tricks like lemon squeeze and pressure point techniques. but does controlling the muscles really matter to yaw... and what other technique advice do yaw like. Cause the stuff I find on the internet is for woman not crazy... of the top sex techniques or positions that a woman can put a man in. Also don't want to try this on all guys just want to see what yaw think <3

Tks guys!


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  • Verbalize. Especially your pleasure.

    Let the guy know you are enjoying the hell out of it.

    throw in a "yes, yes, yes" or something simple.

    it'l get the blood rushing.

    pull a little hair,

    dig your nails in a bit. (JUSt a bit)

    press him against you.

    Just make him feel like he is the absolute best in bed ever

    • Ok.. I do that... so what else.. I love this conversation! I'm talkn sex techniques... like I want him to scream while in with him

    • just go hard I guess.

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  • When the girl flirts hard core with me at a party and just makes me know I'm going to get to mess around with her. Makes me feel good all night. Then when it does happen I like the girl to get really into it. Like she's going to do anything to have an awesome night :) When we first start like making out I like the girls to bite my lip. or blow in my ear! That sends cold chill down my back :)

  • It drives me wild when a girl teases me and flirts with me and won't let me have her right away

    • Ok ok! What else like any moves she does when she's riden u?

    • It really gets me going when she is riding me and lifts up high enough that just the first couple of inches are in and goes quickly. or when she pinches my nipples

  • teasing. if she teases me without going straight at it, that drives me wild.

  • Vagina


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