Girls: guys' body parts and touch!!!

Sexually, on a priority basis,

1) where do you want to touch your guy

2)where you want him to touch you

3)do you force him to touch you in those areas by dragging his hands over there?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I want and do touch his penis and ball sac

    I want him to touch all of my vulva and then stick a finger in my vagina

    Generally I position myself basically pushing my crotch at him or getting to where I know it is comfortable for him to reach it with his hand. Sometimes I have to lead and bring his hand to the prize.


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What Girls Said 3

  • i like touching his torso area, i.e. back, shoulders, stomach. I like when he slowly and gently runs his hands up and down the curve of my waist, and along my lower back. but no I don't force it cause it seems to happen naturally and doesn't need to be forced.

    • lololol, didn't see "sexually". my badddd.

    • then, please answer accordingly, now ;)

    • well I've never really gotten that sexual with a guy. I mean I've made out more than a few times but that's about it. so I guess I can't answer :P

  • 1)Everywhere! stroke his arms, neck, chest...depends on what we're doing I guess.

    2) Nipples, hair, clit...mmmm

    3) I talk and tell him what I want

  • I touch him all over his chest. If I'm on top my hands go through his hair. I love to touch his butt, penis and balls. I usually run my hand on his thighs and around his penis area. I love when he runs his finger up and down my vagina area from my clitoris to my vagina. Then he'll finger me going in deeper each time and playing with my boobs. If I really want to be touched there and vice versa, we'll take our hands and move them where we want to be touched.


What Guys Said 2

  • I love touching a womans vagina all around and matter what time of the month it is...also breasts and hair

    I like being touched all over.

    • > no matter what time of the month it is...

      I think it's fair to assume that by now everyone here knows about your period-fetish, there's really no need to allude to it all the time :p

  • I like you touch her all over back slowly to fill her curves of her body

    fill her touch her hair and face

    touch her nipples and boobs

    touch her vagina her clitoris and put my fingers deep in side her

    no she dose not force me