I'm starting to like the guy I'm hooking up with, is there any hope or should I run while I'm still ahead?

So I recently switched where I was working and I met a boy there, he's a really nice person, he's funny and overall a good guy. When we started talking we instantly got along, normally it takes me awhile to get 'comfortable' talking to people and to show them more of my 'personality' but with him I was comfortable right away.

At first I didn't think anything of it but we had a few staff parties and we ended up making out 2 or 3 times at them. The next day nothing had changed and we were still as comfortable with each other as we had been before. Now initially I sort of saw it as a casual hook-up and nothing more but the one night at the one party I fell asleep on his chest and we ended up cuddling. He kept kissing my hair, nuzzling me, twining our fingers together and pulling me closer. I was surprised because to me it was a little sweeter than I expected for just people who were casually hooking up? Topped with the fact that I had a lot of people on my staff telling me he "really liked me". What confused me though was the morning after we cuddled he woke up to go to the bathroom(and possibly throw up, we had been drinking the night before and he had a pretty bad hangover) but he didn't come back to the room we were sharing and slept on the couch. Which seemed odd to me, and I guess I may be reading into it to much but I felt sort of like if he wanted to be around me he would have come back? Once he woke up again things went as usual and he drove me to work and everything seemed 'normal'.

What I'm concerned about is that I'm starting to develop feelings for him, which can be a bad thing from what I've witnessed in the past. If this is just a casual hook-up and he only views it that way then I feel like there is a suuuuuper slim chance it could become more, and if I become emotionally invested like I'm starting to it will only end bad. I've never really been with anyone before and I don't want to be the only one of us who feels anything, and the old fashioned part of me tells me I've already sort of blown my chance because I just sort of jumped into things and I feel like he won't respect me?

So I guess I'm just looking for some advice? Is there any hope for it to become 'more' or should I just get out while I'm still ahead and before I start to like him more? Or do you have any tips for how to keep him interested and/or make him want to be more than just a casual hook-up?
I'm starting to like the guy I'm hooking up with, is there any hope or should I run while I'm still ahead?
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