My best friend is so hot! What should I do?

I've known her for almost 2 years now. She's an excellent person and she's beautiful. I almost forgot she's a woman, because we talk about everything and I got used to her. All of my friends always check her out and that's when I remember she's actually a sexy girl.

She always dresses a bit baggy, so no really tight or revealing clothing, which is fine, but I guess it takes away from her womanly charm if you will.

So, my point here is, I saw her for the first time yesterday in this strangely hot outfit - cleavage (I already knew she had big breasts, but MAN! Those puppies were perfect!), beautiful, big, round and bouncy bouncy bouncy! Damn!

(we ran to catch the bus. I almost tripped on my tongue)

She also wore these tight bondage pants.

We were on a sort of a date so that explains the outfit.

It wasn't officially a date, but this one dude said he'd go with us to this concert and I said ''no freaking way'', and she said: ''Yeah. He's all mine. (and winked at me)''

So even though we never said it's a date I kind of presume it was. Anyways, her awesome personality + her talent + her rocking body + beautiful face ---- damn!

Is it fine if I ask her out officially this time?

She flirts and touches and kicks, hugs me and kisses me on the cheek and shoulder sometimes, but I can't tell whether she actually likes me or not.
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Oooookay. She said: ''Wth took you so long, man?!?''. And the first official date went extremely well. Thank you people. And, StillWater, I'll see you tomorrow night! =o)
My best friend is so hot! What should I do?
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