How to last a shorter time in bed?

Well this is probably a unusual questing but how do I last less time in bed sometimes I can take almost 3 hours and I average about 2... This wouldn't be a problem save for the fact that she starts hurting after about an hour and a half and then I feel bad and I take even longer any suggestions?


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  • your under 18 so you shouldn't even consider having sex at that age. I'm 28 and I haven't had it yet

    • so why does that mean I shouldent?

    • because your to young to be having sex

    • well.. the legal age of consent here is 14 and I loast my virginity at 15 so... that's legal

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  • 'Sounds like you have a serious time ejaculating. Are you sure there is nothing wrong with you? Are you masterbating before you have sex with a girl is why your chamber is empty?

    • its not that I don't have any come cos wheni do its what I would imagine to be a standard amount and I don't masturbate so that's not it

  • Eat sh!t


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  • I think that's called delayed ejaculation or something. I think the got mess for that. You could probably just warm yourself up before go time. Kinda get the juices flowing. I don't know try that.

  • Just go so fast that the condom melts off.

  • what position gets you off the most do that

    or just switch to a bj when she's had enough

    if you're using condoms get thinner or sensation condoms that'll make it feel better

    • doggy style but even then its about a hour and a half and its not as close and I don't use any.. she's got iplanon and yes I know that isint safe...

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    • Actually it's much safer than a condom link

    • yeah I'm glad she has it I was waiting for someone to say something about stds

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