Spoil your boyfriend?

Guys, what is the best way a girl can spoil you?

You always hear about guys spoiling their girlfriends with gifts and such. but what would a guy like?


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  • hmmmmm well valentines day is comming up I suggest give him a card good for one sex session (anything he wants to do and you have to go with it) . haha

    or you could buy him dinner that always works. 'a way to a guys heart is through his stomach" SO TRUE I CANT SAY THAT ENOUGH


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  • Maybe it is the wrong answer, but I'd like to be dominated...

    ...so I would be spoiled by being used for her pleasure, maybe even humiliated...

    I wouldn't want her to do something that she doesn't want to do, but she could certainly spoil me by trying something that she might not normally do... ;)

  • lapdance and a great tease.then please lol


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