"Hairy armpits shock nation." What do you think about this girl and this article?


I'm not about to stop waxing my legs but I think it makes some pretty interesting points...it's frustrating sometimes this pressure and expectation to be perfectly bald everywhere...especially removing pubic hair, that sh*t is painful and causes ingrown hairs and the risk of infections...


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  • "shock nation" lolol people are silly. Women have only been shaving their armpits for 90 years, a tiny blip on the humankind calendar.

    I've had a terrible relationship with shaving. My armpits used to itch all of the time, ditto on my pubic region. Shaving my legs wasn't irritating but god it takes forever for something I don't even like doing. I only shaved so I could wear shorts and dresses and sleeveless shirts without being stared at. I realized that that isn't a good enough reason. So I stopped everything. I don't shave anything. These are my babes: link haha

    But anyway, about the article. I really like the points it makes without coming across like "you're just a sheep if you shave," which is what I see sometimes from women who have quit doing it. The whole point is the freedom of choice. If I enjoyed shaving, I would certainly do it.

    The only thing about not shaving that sucks is being anxious about people's reactions. I'm getting better at not giving a crap, though. One that always grinds my gears is, "obviously you're single," to which I'm happy to inform them that my boyfriend strokes my armpits, haha. I think people just get all angry when their stigmatic worldviews are challenged.


    • Good for you to make a decision to against the grain on what society tells you to do. I'm definitely not afraid or opposed to the fact if a girl doesn't want to shave down below. I'm not going to deny her either way

    • i think girls with armpit hair are sexy but I like legs shaved and p**** trimmed just my prefernce

    • The cool thing is I don't care what other guys' preferences are.

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  • I know a girl that doesn't shave her pubes or armpits, I think it's more a feminist statement with her. Personally I'm not that keen on girls that don't shave their hairy bits, but that's because it just seems like it's in the way or spoiling the view, and it doesn't feel anywhere near as pleasant to the touch as smooth skin.

    That said, I support anyone's decision to do things their own way, and people should stop botching about how offensive it looks.

    On the other hand, the argument that it's "natural" doesn't hold, when we all use and tolerate so many other things that mimic or counteract natural processes:





    Hair dye

    Hair gel

    Plastic surgery


    High heels


    Fake tan

    And on and on and on . . .

  • Well I'm not a big fan of a woman not shaving her armpits or legs. However, if she wants to refrain from shaving then so be it. I might suggest to her that I prefer if she shaves her legs and armpits but if she's not comfortable with it and I am truly into her and love her for the person she is then what can you do.

    As far as the pubic area is concerned that is entirely up to her. I prefer the natural look with a just a bikini trim but hey that's just me. The truth of the matter is that if we as men run into a girl who is smoking hot in every way possible (physically and mentally) and she prefers not to shave her pubic region, most of the time we're not going to walk away from the cookie (vagina).

    Back in college I hooked up with gorgeous volleyball player from Australia. She didn't shave her pubic region at all. She just trimmed around the bikini line. Let me tell you, I didn't walk out the room. I manned up and satisfied her in every way she wanted. Till this day her and I still talk even though she moved back to Australia.

  • That sh*t is nasty. Back in the old days it was acceptable I don't even know how. Yes, it's group thinking, but sorry that sh*t is nasty.

    It's great that we are evolving and not going back to plain monkeys.

    Pubic hair isn't so bad just yet, as long as it is not a filthy bush and it is trimmed nicely, a little bit of hair doesn't hurt.

    But hey, if the girl is super hot I don't even care for anus hair, but the armpits are way too much at this point.

    Even hairy legs is better than that sh*t, not that hairy legs are good all.

  • Eh...she is hot...armpit hair and all...I would definitely date her...I prefer for my females to shave their legs...but...as a notherner...i am used to females not shaving their letgs in the winter...I would probably prefer shaved armpits but that is not a deal breaker with me...and my females have always had pubic hair and they always will...lasered pubes is a deal breaker with me...(:(:(:

  • Well honestly I think she's sexy and if your worried about in grown hairs stop shaving stop waxing and start using very or nair hair cream removal. That sh*t makes you smoother no problems and I know for a fact since I'm a male and used it. But I likes it when my ex girlfriend grew her thigh hair and all below out I thought it was her most woman then but I do like bald also

  • We want it to be smooth so that we can lick and bite you where ever we want...

    If its with hair then probably we dnt enjoy much...may be we dnt even get ready to lick are kiss your arm pit or p****...

    The smooth it is we get much arousal...

    The pain you get during waxing has a better payback right?

  • I find it attractive...

  • That's disgusting. If a woman wants to stay single for the rest of her life, she should do it because that is man repellant right there.

    • I actually know several men who are completely neutral on that kind of thing, they don't care at all. My boyfriend is one of them. I still shave because it feels better to me, but he doesn't think anything of it when I get lazy and let my legs get fuzzy. They're furry right now and he touches them and loves on me all the same. I know guys who even LIKE when a woman doesn't shave anything, and also girls who don't shave who have NO problem getting men to date and/or sleep with them.

    • lol I suppose you think that proves me wrong?

      Here's a hint: (whispers) Try turning thirty and not shaving.

    • LOOK AT ALL THOSE DOWNVOTES! By the end of the weekend who knows how many I'll have! I'll be a certified pariah!

      I'm gonna have to celebrate and break out the good scotch!

  • I think it should be illegal for a woman to shave her pits or her bush. They're both a huge turn on. And any guy who thinks it's nasty or unattractive has let his mind and personal preferences be subconsciously shaped by society.

  • Being a very hairy guy idc, or infact love it?

  • Honestly, I would never date a girl if she didn't shave her pits and legs. Sorry, that's just not attractive at all to me.


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  • I really don't have to shave my legs and arms because the hair is so thin and light... I am shaving my pits though :p pubic hair, I am indifferent about it... I will shave upon request :p it is not to serious. I have found that hair removal creams work way better than waxing, because it doesn't hurt like hell :D

  • Any little thing we do to our bodies has a risk - hell - you could eat a bagel for breakfast tommorrow that happens to have a strand of bacteria in it that will kill you.

    Hairlessness is associated with women, only because being hairy is associated with men. Naturally due to this, a woman would be seen as unfeminine, just as a man who has a delicate build would be seen as feminine.

    I think it's silly to make it seem like shaving arm pits is some type of pressure or restriction against women. It's just hair. Men keep their faces trimmed and are scrutinized for having " mountain man " beards. Plus, an infection from shaving on the face ( for guys,) would be way more devastating than one on the legs, bikini, or armpit area on a woman.

    We all understand we are mammals, and every man will have those moments in which he catches his wife with a few days stubble due to her own busy schedule - and won't care about it.

    I think a good shave / trim is just a well kept look on both genders - I wasn't disgusted by Ms. Emer's hairy display, it was funny because you don't typically see a girl with hairy pits.

    But give me an article about conjoined - mermaid twins.

    Now that's shocking lol.