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I recently started talking to this guy. He is 20 and I'm 17. He is always asking me good sex questions and I don't really have any good ones to ask him. I really need some good ones. So guys, I need some help lemme know what y'all would like to be asked by a girl.. please and thanx


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  • Certainly, Mlle.

    1. "What about me.... do you like me (or love me)?

    2. "Would you go down on me?"

    2a. "If so, how often?"

    2b. "if so, how well?" (Get the picture?!)

    3. "What is your fetish?" (ass, boobs, feet, lips, etc.) all guys have one -- get it! It's helpful.

    4. "How do I look bent over?" (this is telling, b/c it will help reveal #3)

    5. "Do you think about me when you are at work?" (very telling, most young men do)

    6. "Do you masturbate to me?" (If no, this is a bad sign.... if yes, this guy really likes you!!)

    • Thanx a lot for ur help. I have done asked him a few of them questions but thanx for giving me a few more!

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  • Huh? What's a sex question?

  • Why is this guy asking you sex questions? I could go on and on about it but simply you need to get away from this guy, flirting ok but there's a line.

    • Well this guy loves sex n he has a great personality trust me we talked n got 2 know each other some b4 we started askin each other sex questions n all. n besides we gonna try 2 make a long distance relationship work. so we need 2 know what we like.

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  • do you like top or bottom?

    thong or g string?

    how often do you jack off?

    wen did you lose your virginity?

    favorite condom brand?

    would you rather watch me finger or play with toys?

    were would you want to come on me?

    do you like if rough?

  • For anyone reading this now looking for questions. These are some questions I've asked my guy friends:

    "Favorite fetish/sex position/part of the opposite gender?"

    "What age did you lose your virginity?"

    "Have you ever participated in an orgy or threesome?"

    "Have you ever used a foreign object for penetration on a sexual partner?"

    "Have you ever filmed yourself having sex, or participating in any sexual acts? If not, have you ever filmed your partner in a sexual act?"

    "Have you ever masturbated to a non-sexual picture of someone?"

    Just use your imagination for anymore :)

  • ask if he likes it hard or soft.

    ask him if he likes top or bottom?

    ask him if he wants you to giv him a blow job?

    ask him if he likes moaners or screamers?

  • I've got some good ones but I'm not gonna tell ya until you turn 18 and it's not illegal for you to sleep with this guy (if that's where it's headed).

    • Well I mean I really could use ur help.but I guess if you wanna b all legal n stuff n make me wait till I'm 18 then I will just have 2 fine som1 else 2 give me some tips n all. but I really wished you would give me just a few. but I understand if you don't wanna.

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