Girls! Give me a cyber makeover lol I want to meet girls

Ok I'm skinny 6'1, 150 pounds. I don't have to good of a fasion sense and I'm pretty much on the shy side when talking and approaching girls.

I need to get feedback on YOUR idea of what would you do to turn me into the type of guy YOU would date.

My plan is to incorporate all your ideas together to help me out, so be honest.




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  • "I need to get feedback on YOUR idea of what would you do to turn me into the type of guy YOU would date"...Ok, first and foremost, you sound ignorant. Not because your lack of confidence, but your lack of self worth. I'm almost positive that you're not going to be dating a woman on this site, therefore, their opinions in what they like in a man can differ which I highly assure you, WILL differ from everyday women you meet in real life. The fact that you even mention "personality wise", seeming that you would go to great lengths to change your personality for a woman is stupid in my opinion. Get your sh*t together. Come up with your OWN ideas. This is f***ing cheesy as HELL! And I tell you, I hate hearing it myself..but just be YOU. Man, you don't even know how hard it is trying to make everyone happy. Trying to get people to like you, may it be men or women. Find a style YOU like. Look through magazines, find what you like. Get ideas from that. You may not be a fashionista but I'm sure you'll find something you like.


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  • I think that depends on what type of girl you're looking to attract. It's always said that you should be enough for the person you love. Change can be good but it's not always necessary. If you are attracting a certain type of woman then you might want to tweak a few things to get the desired result.

    From what's you say, you don't sound bad =/ your fashion sense can be changed by going with what you like and if you really want a make over or an opinion you can always ask a friend, a girl, or look up things in fashion magazines or what have you. Mi taste in men are all over the place even though some may have similar traits but not always an exact match up. So it's really up to you...It does sound like you think some of these things may be bad though.

    You're tall which is ALWAYS a plus unless you find a girl who isn't into tall guys...I haven't found one yet so you might be pretty much on the clear on that one. ^_^ Shy can be an advantage <3 sometimes. Makes you more approachable and more than likely you'll won't come off as cocky or arrogant. You may seem sweet/nice. Which some might say is not the way to get a girl but in the end I don't think it's a bad thing to be. Being a push over is one thing being a generally nice person is another. If you want to start gaining muscle (if you want) just start working out to gain that muscle. Have confidence in yourself and you'll see that others will respond. I hope it helps<3

  • DONT CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY. I can't stress this enough, girls don't like fakes. be yourself its always better. and as for style, you should wear things that you personally like! find a style, this doesint mean your idea of style is to not have one (which is a lot of guys XP) but don't let anyone tell you to wear something you would never in your right mind wear. that being said, I will tell you what I find attractive on a guy just to give you an idea, because I do want to help you. of course different girls have different opinions but here goes:

    sidenote( on one end of the spectrum I love it when guys have a super crazy defined style that is different from everyone else, but by this I usually mean, guys who are super into cloths like models, guys with scene, punk, or their own cool style.. but I realize this is a lot to ask because guys that actually look good in these styles are few and far between, so if you can pull it off, cool, but I doubt you will do that just for me hahah!)

    continuing: [remember this is just my personal preference]

    -cool t shirts, or ones that have things you are interested in, on them. tank tops if its hot and they look good on you

    -jackets, buttun up tops, sweaters. sweatshirts are meh, just don't wear them until they look grungy and disgusting.

    -pierced ears (I like piercings in general, but especially just like gold or fake diamond studs)

    -cute hats if that's your style

    -take care of your skin

    - nice hair cut, by this I mean whatever looks good on you, short, styled, longish, anything you want, but take care of it.

    - I like skinny jeans or baggy jeans on guys, but I like to able to see their butt ;)

    -cool looking belts are nice

    -get cloths that FIT YOU PROPERLY I can't stress this enough

    -if you get bright colors make sure you know how to match them

    - shoes: if you want to be safe and cute I would go for vans and converse, and if you like those gangsta ones with the big puffy top those are cute too (sorry don't know what they are called..)

    that's it for cloths remember, never wear anything you don't want, because that defeats the point. if your style is to wear polos, or slacks, or you like fedoras or something, by all means wear it! don't let anyone tell you what is "better" if you hate it :)

    just be friendly, and pleasant and looking to make freind's, and I'm sure it will work out for you.

    be yourself! good luck!

  • 150 61 is hot. imo.So is 'shy', I can't tell you how to change. because

    1 I already don't have a problem with how you are.

    2. I don't think faking your way into someones god graces is advisable. itll blow up in your face. and its unethical imo.

    better yourself for you. not a woman. someone will like you, for who you are.

  • You need to dress nicely, first and foremost. Get some Polo, wear some good brands, know what's in style in your area. Look at the guys in your area who are dating the kinds of girls you want. Observe them. Notice how they dress? Well that's what you should be wearing

    Be more outgoing and stop being so shy. you're only holding yourself back

    • yeah come on man just turn on the switch that makes you social and fun... Oh wait that's not how people's personalities work lol.

  • Other than being shy You sound fine to me. To help being shy, try hanging out with people that are very brazen

  • What are your interests? Who are guys you look up to? What is your dream career? What do you spend most of your time doing? I think a guy should stay true to his real personality, but just brush it up.


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  • If you don't talk to and approach girls, nothing will work.

    If you start approaching and talking and showing them what you're like ... maybe you won't need to change anything.

  • what lexiNinja said

  • If you want to get girls than just be yourself..

  • 6-01? You'll be fine.