Drops of blood when I pee?

My boyfriend and I got a little frisky almost a week ago. Since then, we haven't done much more because I'm supposed to have my period - I'm on the pill. However its not coming this week (that's a whole other story). He fingered me, and went rather hard. To the point where it almost hurt.

Now I've been noticing that when I go to the bathroom, it stings to pee. Also, small drops of blood appear afterwards. None of this blood shows up in my underwear, its only when I use the bathroom.

It hurts quite a bit, and is very uncomfortable just when walking around. What could be the cause of this? Thanks!

This is NOT my period, by the way.


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  • You have small cuts called fissures as a result of the rough fingering. The burning you're feeling is caused by urine getting into those fissures. It's not serious and will heal on it's own.

    • Thank you! How long do you suppose it will take to clear up?

    • Difficult to say. Normally, when a person has fissures as a result of rough sex, the only reason you know you have them is because of the urine and the burning sensation. This usually heals up in a few days. However, where you are actually seeing blood, it may take a little longer because it sounds like they are bigger, and because of this you should be careful of infection.

    • What can I do to make sure I avoid an infection?

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  • Togo might be right, but OTOH, the timing could be coincidental. Hematuria (blood in the urine) can also indicate other health problems. If it doesn't clear up quickly, see a doctor.

    • Or would you rather listen to a potato? haha, sorry, couldn't resist

    • It would seem rather odd to have to completely different problems occurring at the same time. And it isn't like I'm peeing blood, just a few drops afterwards. Thanks!

  • im not dr. but ill guess urinary tract infection


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