1/2 teen "girls" get sexualy molested or abused in canada. is this a load of crap or not?

I heard a disturbing "fact" on a TV add that 1/2 teen & preteen girls get molested or sexually abused in Canada. personally I can't believe that. it disgusts me to think that sort of thing is common place in Canada and I want to get some "real facts"

PS: if it's that high for girls does that mean boys are that high too?

boys do get sexually molested but people talk about it even less than when it happens to girls because most people think "who would want to" which is messed up.

I know this question is personal so you can answer anonymously, I want to know where people are from and if they or anyone they know have been abused or molested in any way because I think and hope the commercial is "fake" and it outrages me to think they could get away with a "statistic" like that.

at male anon who said "nice down vote" YOU BLOCKED ME so I can't even give you a vote if I wanted to. also I would have given you a +1
I could have worded my question better but I don't think all of these stats are women going around making up they've been raped I just think it makes Canada look bad and HOPE it's not true. if it is true I want to see if there's anything I can do about it, donate money to someone or raise awareness about it. if it's less than 1/2 like 1/3 or 1/4 than they should state the real facts and explain how they got them.
here's a link that was given to me link forms of sexual assault are most common. (81%) of self-reported sexual assault incidents took the form of unwanted sexual touching while sexual attacks accounted for approximately one in 5 incidents (19%)

1 in 10 coming to the attention of police.steady decline in offences coming to the attention of law enforcement which I think is quite sad.


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  • One time on yonge street a guy asked me for help with a map then groped me when I looked at the map. I just walked away. Technically that's considered sexual assault under Canadian law.

    Under the strictest definition of sexual assault I imagine more then 1/2 of girls have been sexually assaulted.

    this isn't to minimize being groped or to downplay the many kids who have suffered much more serious abuse often on an ongoing basis.

    I just don't know how to interpret statistics like the one given without knowing what they mean.

    • thank you for your answer. my main goal is to find out where I can get stats or find out how they get their stats also if I can't I would like to gather up the information for myself.

    • Stats like this are actually quite difficult to collect.

      If you want to see some crazy range of stats try looking up prison rape in the United States. Some data suggests more men are raped in prison then women are raped outside it. And of course they don't tend to be single incidents.

    • that prison rape stat could be a way of deter people from committing crime. I'm sure prison rape is higher than out of prison but having it that high would definitely scare people from committing crimes that could end them up in jail.

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  • I'm not sure about the stats, but I know several women who have been sexually molested.

    One of my best friends, and my mom, of the people who are close to me.

    It's sick, and it's a bit frightening.

    • in your own experences what stats would you use 2/3, 1/4 or something else?

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    • And how is molestation not sick or frightening? I wasn't talking about the possibility of it, I was talking about it having actually happened to people I know. One of my best friends, and my mom, were both molested, multiple times, at a young age.

    • I think dubstep is just a troll. and I've seen a few comments on GaG and Facebook about women who don't like hanging out with other women because of all the drama and "bitchiness" that some women tend to enjoy.

  • 4 out of my 5 best friends have told me theyve been. in America its one in 3 girls and one in 7 boys b4 age 18

  • Canadian- and I was never sexually molested/abused as a teen or preteen. Out of all of the girls I grew up with and am still in touch with, I only know one for sure this happened to. The rest- as far as I'm aware, thankfully never experienced it.

    I think it's a fake statistic- have you tried looking at statscanada to confirm it? It's not TOTALLY reliable, but since it's government run it's at least based on some verifiable fact like public records, charges, trials, medical records etc.

    I know that one in 3 women in Canada will be sexually assaulted or harassed in her lifetime, but that's a bit different considering there's a wide definition of sexual assault/harassment. Technically speaking- if I'm at a bar and a guy grabs my butt without permission it's harassment, maybe assault depending on the circumstances. But not exactly a big deal and THAT definitely happens all the time.

    • I can beleve that harassment is still more common when it comes to examples like you said epically when you add drinking and a group of people together. do you have a link to statscanada I can follow up on?

    • Try this link link and see what you can find to answer your question with statistics.

  • You just don't want to believe it. I hate when people dismiss real experiences just because the thought makes them uncomfortable. If you have never been abused than clap your hands and do a happy dance but please don't dismissively blow off the fact that many of us have.it certainly is not rare by any means.

    Boys get sexually abused too,I think the stats are 1/3 of boys which I totally believe. Many of them keep silent about it even more than women.I don't even think most abused males even tell their close friends. Society has a stringent view of masculinity and for a boy to admit that, he could be viewed as less of a man.

    • it's not that I don't believe it happens I know of like 4 girls who live in Canada who have had it happen to them but I know of many more who at least have never said it happened to them. and like someone else said. where are the sexual charges in court what about people going to prison or having it put on their permanent record? I'm just looking for the facts and to make sure they are Real experiences and not just made up to scare people.

    • before like 8 years old my memories are VERY vague so as far as I can remember back I'm lucky enough that it hasn't happened to me. and I agree that society has messed up views about it's self.

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  • It seems that some girls willingly participated in things like playing "doctors and nurses" when young, then look back and assert that they were taken advantage of. Not all girls, mind you, but some I've known.

  • Load of crap. Probably a made up statistic from a feminist website. To them, even approaching a girl at the wrong time = HELP creepy guy is trying to sexually abuse me!

  • link This says one in 4 for all woman in North America. There might have been something in the commercial that included sexual harassment, because one in 2 is definitely more likely in that case.

    It also says, "57% of aboriginal women have been sexually abused," does that mean women native to Canada?

    • we do have Indians in Canada like most of America so it could be talking about that.

      I agree if they add things like kissing a woman when she doesn't want to be to grabbing her as harassment than one in 2 can be more likely. when I think of harassment or abuse I immediately think of rape and molesting and not the "lesser" crimes.

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    • I've seen maaaany more recent studies find 1/5, but whatever. Like you said, even if it was 1/10, that's still nuts. We know it's common, yet the discussion almost always veers toward this.

    • I agree. no matter what the fact's are telling the truth is always better than just trying to freak out the public to raise awareness.

  • The stats are bogus. You'd have to look at how they defined molested / sexually abused (some of the definitions are indescribably broad) and how they extrapolated their small sample size, to the entire nation.

    From a statistics point of view, it's complete bollox.

    • right if they did their sample size in a large city of coarse it's going to be higher than if it was in a smaller city or town.

    • Yes but when you also consider things like... a boy hugging a girl in a classroom was defined as unwanted sexual touching (the kids were like younger than 8 years old) you absolutely need to look at how broad the definition they are using is.

  • It doesn't hurt to look up the source, but it doesn't really surprise me if it IS true. It's easy to not realize how common it is when you're not one of the people who lives in fear of it. When you hear it, you probably think of some old pervert doing something to a girl on the street or his own daughter, but I'm betting the majority of these instances are date rape/acquaintance rape. Young couples who make out but then the guy doesn't listen to "no" when he wants to go further.

    Guys do get sexually abused and the silence is a problem, but I highly doubt the statistic is as high as it is for girls. It's not this widespread cultural thing where women (or gay men) feel the need to rape to feel powerful and dominating over men.

    • Also I think guys who hear rape statistics and immediately start harping about "crying rape" are absolute scumbags. You're a direct cause as to why many actual rapes go unreported.

  • Friend of mine had consensual sex with a girl at a party and later she regretted her decision and feared pregnancy. So what's the logical thing to do? Go to the doctors and get tested? Yes. But instead pressed rape charges on him because she comes from a Christian family and they can't know she's a party slut. We live in a promiscuous society and unfortunately I would believe a lot more of molestation and rape charges if they were factual. Its so easy to press those charges on someone and destroys peoples lives. I was personally molested as a child repeatedly and I know that it doesn't do pleasant things to someone and I am not at all trying to degrade those who are actually molested, but we live in a very sexual society these days. "Teen" girls have no idea what they are doing and want to act older. So they hang with the big boys while having the little girl mentalities.

    • Nice down vote QA. Time to move out of mom and dad's house.

    • How do I get all these down votes? This is true. It's so easy for a girl to get drunk and be slutty and then cry rape after. You seriously believe that 50% of the teenage population in Canada have been or are actively being molested? That's one out of every 2. What is the crime rate and arrest rate for these crimes in Canada? It makes no statistical sense.