Is it bad to lose your virginity at the age of 17...?

just wondering because I'm 17 and a virgin and all of my friends are not virgin. Basically I'm the only virgin in the group. So do you think its a right age to lose it or to wait...?

P.S. I have a boyfriend that I really trust and I wanna lose it to him but then at that same time I don't...!


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  • There is no special age that you're supposed to have sex for the first time, nor any code of conduct for such things either.

    Here in America, we've had it drilled into our heads that right up until 11:59PM on the day before your birthday you're still an irresponsible, immature child who has no right to make their own choices, but once that clock strikes midnight, you're a full grown adult ready to face adult problems and adult life. Personally, I hate that philosophy.

    If you want to have sex with him, by all means go for it, I recommend using protection but that's also your choice. But don't do it just to "fit in" or be part of the group, do it because you want to and with the person you want to. This is something nobody has a say in but you.


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  • I will answer even though I know my answer won't make a difference either way. You ask is it bad, well, for me sex outside of marriage is bad. So yes, losing your virginity at 17 is bad. I have reasons beyond just religion, but I imagine you would discount those just as much, so I won't spend my time elaborating much, but I will say this, your attitude toward sex and relationships will influence your ability to establish and maintain a long-term happy relationship in the future. If you approach sex lightly, that doesn't bode well for future success and stability.

  • well this a reverse question lol

    but its sorta is a bad thing

    cause ur so young and I know

    we teenagers (i'm just turned 18) wanna be rebels and

    wanna grow up but we have the rest of our lives to be grown up

    and y not

    still be a kid and just relax and have fun and not deal with assholes?

    and you sure you trust him?

    cause from my exp. all of my friends that are girls said this and had sex

    and the guy left them

    and I know ur saying well my guy is different and

    yea some guys are different but the types of guys

    and before you begin just think of EVERYTHING

    everything that can go wrong and go right

    and stay safe

    and just list the pros and cons

    of it

    and say why I want to

    and why I don't want to

    and do it because you want to

    not because he wants you to

    or you think the media wants you to

    u only lose ur virginity once

    so don't you want to make it last?

    don't you want to remember it forever?

    don't you want to make ur first memorable?

  • I lost mine at the age of 17. I was with a girl for 6 months, and we loved each other. We were together for 3 years after that.

    I don't regret it at all as I was in a serious relationship.

  • do what YOU want. It's your choice to stay a virgin or not. Although, if I met a girl and found out she was a virgin I would have WAY more respect for her because it shows her willpower and self-esteem.

  • It's fine! Don't stress so much about it! People make such a big deal about it for no reason!


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  • there is no right specific age. I certainly don't recommend you do it when you're like 14 or something. but anyway, point is don't worry about being the only virgin left in your group of friends. they all have their own bodies and you have yours. and yours only.

    you say you really trust ur boyfriend and that you want to lose it to him. then alright, if you truly feel comfortable with and love and trust him, and he loves and respects you, and if you are PREPARED, then I guess that's your choice to have sex with him.

    in my opinion, it sounds like the reason you also say "but then at the same time I don't" is because you truly aren't ready to experience it. and that perfectly ok. don't push yourself and don't ever let anyone push you. you may already know that he's the one you feel you can open yourself up to in that way, but you're just not completely there yet.

    not to worry. don't rush losing it. trust me. its SO worth the wait for that special guy you trust to share your body with. :)

  • i think you should lose your virginity when you learn how to spell virgin. k?

    but at the same time, if part of you doesn't want to lose your virginity, then don't lose you virginity, it's not refundable.

    • I definitely agree! I hate how people have completely taken to sex as if it's breathing..i think there are some moral boundaries that have definitely been pushed in the last 10 years or so

  • wow so what if you spelled a word wrong, jesus this isn't an english class lol. Anyway, there really is no right or wrong age to lose your virginity-don't do it just because all your friends have-that's what many peeps under 16 do. You're more mature than that-do it because you want to and feel ready to do it so that you won't regret it :) You've said at the same time you don't so for me that means you're not ready so I suggest waiting.

  • it's bad if you can't spell virgin at 17. it's a personal choice. that's all.

  • It's a terrible idea to even think about sex when you can't even spell simple words in the English language such as "you" and "the".