Girls, how comfortable are you being naked infront...


1, your friends?

2. your bf?

meaning, are you totally fine and it doesn't bother you? you wouldn't dream of being naked in front of them? etc.

How is your "self body image"?


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  • ouch, seems like this thread is dead lol, imma try to revive it, or embarass myself whichever comes first

    (imma be anonymous for this)

    ok, my first ill start with family,

    father, hell no. ill gauge his eyes out if he sees, he's a complete irrevertable pedophile sick pervert fck

    mother, not exactly comfortable with it, even if she insists

    brother, ill use pepper spray on him if he even tries, he's just like oir father, he's a super raging eternal dragon boner chasing a horndog but he's like 20 so he may yet fix himself, god I hope its just a phase

    friends - girls, yeah sure I dress up with them in the dressing rooms in school so I'm OK with it, ill kill the teacher if they step in though

    friends - guys, nope, just no.. ill bring out my cosplay grand scythe and swing it around as I walk at them so they'll run (its made of solid carbide steel and its sharp, I didn't make it but I can carry it since I practice with heavier melee weapons in class, the smith in our club forges the weapons)

    my boyfriend, ahahaha.. o_o too scared lol! he showed me his woody already but I can't bear to show any part of me to him yet, I get a panic attack trying lol!

    my best friend - girl, yep, we don't do it often though, usually for physical/sexual health

    my best friend - guy, ill let him watch p*rn instead.

    my obgyn - girl, OK but I'm not exactly comfortable with it... no cold hands though

    thats about it, good luck with the QA TS :)


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  • I'm very comfortable with my body, I'm not getting naked in front of my family though, only my friends and Boyfriend or Girlfriend

  • 1. Not comfortable

    2. Not comfortable

    I wouldn't get naked in front of one nor 2.

  • I never get naked in front of any of my family members... It's a little weird to me and I'd rather not.

    I don't like to get naked in front of my doctor (it's a guy), but I do it anyway.

    As for my friends, I've never been naked in front of any of my female friends but I've changed in front of them and I don't think I'd care too much if they saw me naked.

    I wouldn't get naked in front of my guy friends just because I know a few of them like me and it'd just create some really really awkward situations... lol.

    I'm usually pretty comfortable around my boyfriend naked, obviously.

    I still have my insecurities but they've definitely gotten better over the past few years.

  • My upper self body image is pretty bad I think... I don't even walk around without a bra in front of anyone; but I'm completely comfortable with my lower half. If I could walk around in public with no pants or underwear on, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    I wouldn't get naked in front of any of even my closest friends and for my boyfriend... it'd better be dark - which sucks for him and I really should try to be more confident... hmm.


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