Worst sexual experience?

So, on my recent road trip, I engaged in some random, casual sex...

So the one night, its hella hot, I'm hella drunk, and this guy has been talking our ears off, buying us drinks and food..

He's funny.. he's cute, if over-weight.. and I don't mean slightly...

any how, we end up going back to his place.. Anya crashes on his couch and he and I proceeded to his room...

Really hot and humid in Kentucky...

No air conditioning...

Sex with a bigger guy...

You know when you first start cooking bacon, and the grease is like, melting out of it.. and its like, thick and slimy?

Yeah.. I felt like I was slathered in that when he was done...

So, what is you recent bad/gross sexual experience?


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  • I've yet to have "bad" sex. But I've definitely had some bad experiences.

    I'll never forget this one Girlfriend I had. One night we were fooling around, and I was extremely horny. I'm talking like I probably could have banged her four hours upon hours and still not be completely satiated.

    Anyway, before we had sex I was determined to get her off like she'd never had before. Sex was pretty new in our relationship, and I knew she had never been with any good, giving lovers. So I spend like an hour straight going down--I'm a modest guy, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty great at giving oral (I attribute it to enthusiasm and a genuine care for the girl's pleasure more than some innate talent LOL). I was rough at the right times, tender and sensual at the right times. I teased, kissed her everywhere to build anticipation, and I was totally owning it.

    That girl came harder and more intensely than anyone I'd ever seen. It was pretty amazing, and I was definitely thrilled to give her that much pleasure.

    Anyway, about ten minutes after she comes, she tells me that her body is so tired and relaxed that she couldn't return the favor. Then she tells me, "but hey, if you wanna take care of yourself I'll lay here naked for you..."

    So yeah, that was my worst sexual experience. Ever. And surprise, surprise...we ended up going our separate ways in the end in large part due to sexual compatibility.

    • lay there for you like...

      dead fish sex? or look at her while stroking?

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    • She's done after one orgasm? lmao

    • She was kinda vanilla, to be honest. Almost like she didn't want me to know that she liked getting off (thus my determination to give her an insane orgasm). It was not fun.

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  • Well we were in a hotel room, and we were naked, having all that first touch fun together when she sharted, yes she passed wind and sharted, which kinda killed everything else, that night, so we stripped the bed, she showered I showered, she nearly died with embarrassment, but I assured her it was OK, accidents happen, and she was a really nice girl, you would never of thought it possible you know, breaking wind and sh*tting the bed, but after all the clearing up and the tears, we eventually had great sex, but she insisted we left the hotel room early, which upset me again because it was a £140.00 a night room, but, I suppose regardless of the incident, she still remained worth it, but although it ended up good, it still remains my worst experience, if that makes sense,x

  • Ew lmao thank you for being shameless and sharing (:

    Umm with this one girl in particular we had been flirting/texting for awhile... Anyway we hung out one night and started hooking. I got a whif of her lady parts and almost threw up... It smelt like sewage... Needless to say I stopped hooking up with her. I told her that I didn't feel right sleeping with her because we hadn't know each other long enough. I thought it was better to spare her feelings.

  • I went over to this girls place . she gave me a bj then we proceeded to get ready to screw. She took her panties off and all of a sudden this foul odor filled the room . It was so bad I thought I was going to puke. I asked her did she have any condoms because in my mind I'm hoping she would say no so I would have a way out of this. and she said she didn't , I rejoiced in my mind. I told her I didn't either and I was going to go run and get some. I never went back over there lol!.

    • WTF is wrong with people? I shower every single day and practice good hygiene, as do a lot of other people. It's really not that difficult...

    • Yeah I know . Its disgusting.

  • Did you play with his moobs?

    • I was totally thinking that, get out of my head G_GTom! ROFL!

    • no lol

      some guys don't like that

    • The question is do women like that. For instance, does a bi women like that because she gets boobs and a penis?

      For the record, I am moobless.

  • if you get drunk and use poor judgment, you deserve to get pigf***ed.

  • -18, Girlfriend and I have almost been together for a year.

    -She decides she wants to give me oral sex.


    -I take off my pants and underwear, it is her first time seeing me fully naked or seeing my penis, since we had done nothing else before because of her shyness.

    -She has the most freaked out expression on her face, like a mix of fear and pain.

    -I try to relax her and tell her everything was okay.

    SPOILER: Everything was not okay.

    -She very nervously and slowly starts to proceed on oral.

    -She gives me a BJ for about 30 seconds, stops and starts to cry.

    -I am freaked the f*** out, what is going on. I put on my clothes and ask her what is wrong.

    -She keeps crying, I try to comfort her but she pushes me away and tells me to leave.

    -Later that night she calls me and tells me that we are over. Turns out, she had been sexually abused earlier in life and I brought back bad memories. Of course, she never TOLD ME of this beforehand. So she could no longer stand to be around me anymore and broke up with me.

    Yep. That ranks #1 on my list of worst sexual experiences. I was denied a BJ, was broken up with and ruined someone all in one swing.

  • I went home with a girl once and she ended up having a penis.

  • Way to hate on the fat man!

    • Maybe he should invest in AC?

      If I out and out hated fat guys as a rule, I wouldn't have gone back to his place...

    • Yeah AC is a must

    • Don't listen to the haters above, they're just jealous.

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  • I'm so glad I really don't have any crazy nasty story so far. The grossest thing tht has happened to me id say this one time I was taking a shower with a guy and whatever we were fooling around and trying to get ready since we had work and school. So I'm shampooing my hair and all of the sudden this awful smell hit my brain. This dude farted while we were trapped in that shower. I almost die.

  • 1.I was watching p*rn with my boyfriend at the time, and in the middle of it he started kissing my neck and started massaging my boobs and as soon as we started taking off my clothes, getting into it, his roommate comes in and sees me half naked on the bed with my boyfriend on top of me, p*rn still playing in the background.

    2.I went camping with my boyfriend (a different guy) and some of our friends and we went to a campsite where the guys and girls were separated and when everyone was sleep we snuck to the mess hall and started giving each other oral sex and when he was eating me out one of our friends come in the mess hall turning on the lights she saw me with my legs in the air and his head in between my legs. She got what she wanted and left us there. My boyfriend just shrugged and just started back up.

  • My first time was, he bought XXL condoms and kept loosing an erection and he refused to go down on me.

  • Wow...

    That's about all I can muster in response to your story, haha!

    The worst I had was one of my boyfriends. He was really big, but terrible, didn't know how to thrust or something, so he would just put it in and lay there, very weird. I had to practically beg for sex too, he never seemed to want it.

    Well, one time I kept asking for anal sex, because I like that. I wanted him to at least try it. I finally convinced him to give me anal sex, and it was feeling great. After a minute or two, he pulls out, muttering to himself, "It just doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right." Then, without a word to me at all, he jumped in the shower, left me laying there on the bed wondering what just happened. I was disappointed, mad, hurt because he made me feel like I was disgusting, everything. Ugh!

    • did you kick him to the curb for that?

    • must be the only guy on the planet who said no when his girl asked for anal

    • We didn't last much longer, because of ALL of his issues.

      @hannibal214 - Psh, he wasn't even the only guy I dated who refused to do anal, haha!

  • Nothing gross and for that I am thankful. My worst experience was when my hip popped out of place (hips are double jointed) while switching positions. Not a good feeling. Hurt like a mofo.

  • Why on earth would you have sex with some fat guy? Why set the bar low?

  • dog licked my p**** while I was drunk/half passed out

    • probably not the worst, definitely the weirdest though lol

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    • "Dogs like to lick salty things...so he went for it"


    • It was salty because of the sweat lol its not normally that that salty lol