Not wearing a condom?

Ok I have always used condoms but

yesterday I wanted to feel how it felt with out one

but he only went in me twice...

but if I don't use one in the future and he pulls

out before he cums is it safe...or just plain stupid?


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  • Condoms and the withdrawal method are, according to the newest study by Contraceptive magazine, are both found to be about 60% effective with regular usage, and 75% with perfect usage. Unfortunately, it is rare to have perfect timing with the withdrawal method. I'm sure that I don't have to point out how low those rates are when you consider that most people have sex about 190 times a year.

    Just in case, I will. That means that if you have sex 190 times a year, about 42 times you're method of birth control is probable to fail.

    Combined with birth control or the rhythm method, though, that changes.

    Ultimately, though, if you're wanting a safe way to have sex without a condom (which is only safe if you have a verifiable copy of his STD check, really) you need to get on the pill or something.

    • Condoms have a 60% effective rate? Where do you get your numbers? I found this:

      Condom (Male)

      * Typical use: 85% effective

      * Perfect use: 98% effective

      * Of every 100 women whose partners use condoms, 15 will become pregnant (with typical use) and 2 will become pregnant with perfect use

      Withdrawal Method:

      Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 27 will become pregnant (with typical use) and 4 will become pregnant with perfect use

    • Out of Contraceptive Magazine, specifically an article they recently did examining the withdrawal method. They compared it to condom usage, birth control, and IUDs.

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  • It's not as safe, no. You have more risk from that than from using condoms. Of course, it's a very small risk. People always tend to blow it out of proportion. Pre come can get you pregnant, it's true, but it probably will not, unless you are both exceedingly fertile. Add to that the fact that there is only a small window each month where you could get pregnant anyway, and you're probably not going to get pregnant that way.

    • There isn't a small window. that's a common misconception. a woman's chance of getting pregnant is relatively good at any time of the month, there is just a small window of time where her chances are "better" (right before her period). and pre come is basically just a small amount of regular come with less force behind it. it can get a girl pregnant almost as easily as if a guy actually came inside her.

    • That isn't true. A woman can only get pregnant when she is ovulating, and she only ovulates once a month. The egg only lives a day or two if it's not fertilized, and sperm can live inside the woman for a couple days before ovulation. If you have sex when outside that window, there's no chance for sperm to reach your egg and you cannot get pregnant, not matter how much come you get inside you. When in a woman's cycle that occurs is not fixed, which is probably why you are mistaken.

  • it really depends on the guy.

    i used the pull out method for years with no problems

  • Pre-cum can make you just as pregnant as if he shot the whole load inside you. Stay with the condoms.

    • And exactly how does pre-cum happen?

    • Pre-cum leaks out of the penis during the time the guy is getting hard, and continues until orgasm. If you give a guy head, you'll taste it. It's kinda the same way you get wet during foreplay. Pre-cum is usually loaded with a lot of sperm.

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  • The "pull out method" is not a real form of birth control. If you want to have sex without a condom, then get yourself on the pill ASAP.

  • Just plain stupid. Use a condom, or get on birth control.

  • Have you not heard of "pull and pray"?

    Do NOT do withdrawal method, it is way too risky. Like others have said, if you really want to have sex without a condom, get on the pill.