What's wrong with me? I'm just not interested in guys anymore!

I've stopped checking out guys or even noticing them, and I've stopped even wishing for a boyfriend. this guy that I used to like is now cuddling with me more and trying to kiss me but I don't even care. and when he asked me if I would even consider going out with a guy, I was just not interested. what's wrong? I used to love flirting with guys and checking them out...


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  • Has something serious happened in your life lately --? you could be more worried about that then a relationship... Things I would think could cause such an influence are:

    - Relatives in the hospital / about to die

    - Bad relationships from the past

    - Being molested at a young age

    - Getting sick of the mind games

    - Stressing out in general

    Additionally, there's nothing wrong with you - it's who you are; people that don't accept that should keep moving on ^_^

    I'd say your just maturing faster than the guys around you, take a look at some guys a few years older than you and see if the attraction is completely gone.

    I too dropped interest in women for about 6 months due to my best friend dieing - she was a one and only. After I recovered everything went back to normal

    Hope it clears things up~


    • Thanks, I haven't had a lot going on lately but I think you are right about the maturity thing.....all the guys I know are such assholes. thanks :)

    • Anytime~ Let me know if I can help more.

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  • I think it's just a phase, your very young. And if you did loose interest in guys, what a shame. Your incredibly attractive for such a young girl. I've said it before that you seem very mature for your age, and maybe you haven't found a guy that interest you. Perhaps your tastes have changed. Who knows. But don't start assuming your Bi or Gay just yet.

    • Thanks! I hope that's right, I think I would really prefer to be straight.

  • A mood. It'll pass.

  • you could be mildly depressed

  • Are you aware of that famous song by Katy Perry?...

    Maybe you should give it a go. Couldn't hurt

    • As in dike it out and see how it goes.

    • Nice way of putting it mate.. Haha.

      But seriously, that could genuinely be the problem.

      You never know until you try.

    • Hmm, interesting concept, I've had crushes on a few girls in the past, but I never thought I could be leaning the other way....i just thought I was slutty lol.

  • its totally normal

    well I don't really want a girlfriend right now

    after I had a girlfriend for a day

    and its been two years

    so just relax

    and take it easy and don't listen to these douche bags

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    • Im not the creep. you are who stalks this answer like no tomorrow

    • Kay boys simmer down.

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  • sometimes I get sick of trying to get guys attention too and frankly I don't care anymore. I'm totally heterosexual but I am way too busy with my life to care about a boyfriend or to flirt. seriously I am so tired after working , I have 2 jobs and worry about school etc career and family, at the end of the day I really don't give a f*** about guys. so maybe you're too busy to care about guys idk

    • (Rubs shoulders) There there, Reeses, you never know. Some guy might be worth all the hassle.

    • (sigh) lol. mmm but I'm uber busy! lol k, I'll keep my eye open

  • very normal...i have gone through stages were I just could not stop thinking about guys and then before I know it...i couldn't care less about them...be patient and definitely do not start jumping to conclusions because of this...