What to talk about with a guy you just met?

I know guys are easy to talk to because you can basically talk about anything but I want some ideas. Like "hey, I like your shirt." then what to say from there.

thanks xoxo


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  • Ok this may be cheating, but it's a good tactic to start with. Ask him things about him. People can (and will) freely talk about themselves for hours. Ask what he's up to, what his plans are for the rest of the day, what he did last night, what his plans are for the summer, what interests he has, etc.

    Overall it's better to avoid this once you get a foot in the door, and move on to more substantial topics. But as a way to hold a conversation the first few times you talk to someone, it's a good trick.


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  • it doesn't matter what you say ...the guy will be thinking how to talk to u!... so say I like tomatoes or even dragons and he will follow along becuase he wants you and in his mine he is getting you not the other way around.. you could probs even kiss him after 2 mins and he won't say no..seriosuly talk about a vacation when you were 4 he won't care and he will listen to gain points


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  • lots and lots of things. um do you like sports? Hockey? Football? One of my favorite topics is music and concerts. Love it. Umm you can talk about your hobbies, goals you wanna accomplish in the near future. Pleaces you wanna visit when you get the chance, or place you just visited that you liked.

  • Well of course when you first meet a guy you know nothing about them so you want to get to know there personalites. Ask them what they did that day and this will determain weither they are talkitive or not. If they are it is easy because the conversation will flow and you can feed off of what he says. If not then you don't want to keep askin questions becuase they will lead to the same dead end. Try talking about what you did that day, or in the week. Don't talk him to death be you need to mix the questions with statement if you know what I mean like ,"Well today I had to go shopping with my mom, she is always dragging me so where I really do wanna go." Then a question, " How is ure relationship with ure mom or are you and ure mom close, does she get on ure nerves, etc." But does always rely on his answers if he isn't talktive. But I'm sure the conversation will work out. Good Luck!

  • Always SMILE! It is a turn on for guys. When I first met my boyfriend he was working at a mall outlet and I was walking by and I looked at him and smiled, then he looked at me. We couldn't take our eyes off each other (seriously, I'm telling the truth). About a week or two later I walked into the store he worked in with my sister. Her friend went to go pretend like he was trying on shoes, so that I could make time to get him to talk to me. I looked up at him and he walked over to me, asked me if I needed anything, I said "Actually, I need the time please" he said "1:40" I smiled and said "Thank you...um" then he told me his name and he asked me for mine. From there it was history.

    I was so very nervous at first but all I could do was smile around him. Not even realizing it was pulling him in.

    SMILE girly, it always works!