Does he think I am annoying or not?

this guy I've known practically my whole life, and always had a crush on, use to always look in my direction, and quickly look away when he knew i knew he was staring, he would tug on my hair every once in a while. he made up this cute nickname for me in like second grade. and in eighth grade, and a few times before then,he asked me if i remembered. well that was then. here's what i don't understand now. ok, since he switched schools. i kinda lost touch with him, but i started talking to him online a lot last year. he was really sweet to me at first, didn't tease me, but was able to have a conversation with me, about school. dreams he had about wanted to be a football player when he was younger. he would ask me everyday, how my day at school was but then one day he asked me if i liked anyone, i didn't answer. instead i asked him back "well, do you like anyone"? he said "don't know yet". then he said some of the girls at his school were cute, but he "didn't" like them in a dating way. then he kept asking me everyday" how are the boys doin". I'm assuming he meant. "do i like anyone at my school" then he says " i bet if you talked to guys at your school, they would like you. uh-oh i was getting the vibes that he liked me, but then he says this. why is he trying to refer me to other guys, is it because he wants me to leave him alone? / well then i tell him one of my guy friends is coming over to watch a movie. then this girl he knows from school randomly ims me, and starts telling me stuff like she slept with him, she's dating him, she goes "i am very possessive of my boyfriend" and "when did i see him last? and when i asked him that same day if she's his girlfriend, he says yeah, but he didn't tell me "because they been on and off like something." i forget his exact words. then this other girl, starts randomly IMing me. a different girl, and goes stay away from her man, he thinks I'm annoying and what not. then i have one of my friends ask him, if either of those girls are his girlfriends and he says "no, we never dated" then i ask him, again myself if either of them are his girlfriend, his exact words: "what noooo". what the heck, he just told me yes the other day. he even said he slept with the girl, and "she begged him for more". he was just being sarcastic/joking i assume? well here's the part i really don't understand. a couple months later i im one of those girls again. and she says he told her to pretend to be his girlfriend, because he told her i was "annoying and ugly" and was bugging him. well i thought maybe she was making that up because she was jealous that he really did like me, and she knew it. but when i ask him about it, he denies it. it was so unlike him, not to get all defensive and say "i would never do something like that" i just ask him, if its true, and he simply says "no". what does all this mean?


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  • By simply asking this question, I suspect you are. The fact you managed to use almost 3,000 characters to explain your question, confirms it. Try to organize your thoughts and nail down the point in as few words as possible while still sounding like an intelligent human - its a good exercise - I actually had to do this once as an assignment in a honors university-level college English class.

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    • It amazes me how people go through the effort to ask a question, then generally only go with the answer that makes them feel the best, regardless of its relevance. Ask yourself did you need to use 3K words, or did you just want to "hear" yourself talk.

    • I wasn't trying to hear myself talk, I was explaining the situation because if I left parts out, it could change the perspective. Its a complicated situation

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