How to seem more approachable?

So, it's come to my attention that people percieve me as being a loner, and I swear everyday somebody asks me if I'm okay. Apparently I look perpetually grouchy or sad or whatever. And, while i remain single and not very popular, I'm beginning to suspect that people don't find me very approachable. So i need to chamge this.

Usually, i find that being that person that says "hey" to everyone is super fake, but when you ask people how to be social and friendly, they all say to compliment people and smile and blah blah blah. So should i really take that advice, or am i correct in assuming that it looks cheesy and kind of desperate?

If you guys have any advice on the issue, i'd really appreaciate it. I just want tobe more approachable to people cuz im tired of being so secluded from everyone all the time, and im looking to maybe start dating but, haha no takers. -.- so yea, any help would be greatly appreaciated.
How to seem more approachable?
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