ADD/Social Anxiety Question?

Ok, so ever since I can remember, my mom has said I have ADD. I get distracted very easily, I am very disorganized, etc. i'm not just saying this, I show many of the other symptoms of ADD as well. However, my mother does not want to get me diagnosed. She says that she's not getting me medication anyways so there's no point in making it official. And in addition to this, I also show many signs of social anxiety, despite being quite extroverted (around my friends). I want to get these things diagnosed, mostly because I've read online that many people with undiagnosed ADD who went to college experiencd more difficulty than others. I am smart and good at scjool but my study habits are sub par and I feel they will be inadequate at the collegiate level. I will be driving in the next year, so I can drive myself wherever I need to go. Where can I go to get evaluated?
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ADD/Social Anxiety Question?
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