Why are men so violent?

I swear its like an emotional volcano with some of these guys. I've just seen guys start fighting or get really tense with other guys over the smallest things, things not even worth it. And sometimes its more than just fighting - someone gets seriously hurt or killed. And I believe most violent criminals are men as well. are they incapable of maintaining a civilized, calm manner? It just annoys the hell out of me. My brothers are like that and it makes them look like uncivilized brutes. And they make fun of guys who have their shit together and aren't emotional wrecks ready to pop off and hurt someone over the slightest offense to their ego, sense of pride, etc. Jealousy is the worst part. These guys act like they have some right to tell other guys not to speak to you or to stand their ground. Who the hell do you think you are? I turned on my ex in public for this. If I don't want someone speaking to me, I'll let them know. If I tell you to trust me, you do it. Fighting the guy because you think he's overstepped some unknown boundary isn't helping you at all when it comes to our relationship.

What gives? This is my own opinion. Men, why do you fight so much? Why are many of you so much more prone to violence?
Why are men so violent?
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