Do I look like a good listener?

People seem to be drawn to me whether it's in the grocery store, social media, or everyone I know, they all seem to navigate towards me for advice. Literally 1-2 times a week I'm grocery shopping and both men and woman make small talk then proceed to talk about their personal lives. It's only strange for me because I am very antisocial so it makes me uncomfortable, but I of course can't tell someone that because it would then make them uncomfortable also. But anyway back to my question, when I say person lives, they tell me about adultery, drug issues, finding out their children are gay and how they reacted wrongly. So do I look like I'm easy to talk to or a friendly face? Please add explanations for answers, thank you! :)
yes, I feel like I could tell you everything!!
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No, it must be so me sort of freak coincidence!
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idk, show me votes!
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If you Vote, can you please explain why you chose your answer. Especially the men who chose no, I would like to know why you don't think I look like I have a friendly face/good listener. Thank you
Do I look like a good listener?
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