Who's really better at texting?

First, I know for sure there will be those people saying that texting is not over real communication. Yes, I know that and don't want to see any opinions about it. But, in this generation and especially in High School with our busy lives averaging us 5-6 hours of sleep it is much easier to have a conversation over text.
Every article I see bashing someone about texting it is always a guy that is being bashed. Everyone claims girls are so much better at texting, and they all assume guys are such bad texters because we are more occupied by a videogame or something. Well, I for one know a lot of bad female texters, from the one word replier to the no question asker, I have seen a lot. I thought maybe it was just me, but it turns out that's how they talk to everyone. And ofc, i can't just tell them they aren't good at texting because it is kinda rude and girls don't like being told that. Not trying to make this a gender war or anything, but just trying to see the opinions. Please, Give an example of one of the worst texters you have come across it can be any gender no matter what gender you are.
My Example:
A female friend of mine, her record of most words in a text is 15. She averages about 3-5 words (a lot of one word texts) per text so, it is a big improvement. Unfortunately, it was only because i asked a question about homework and she had to ask me what i was talking about. And don't worry i checked it is everyone not just me, even to her boyfriend but she adds a bit more words sometimes.
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Who's really better at texting?
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