Why won't he break up with her?

me and a guy met a few months ago and we get along so great. he's honestly one of my best friends & recently we told each other we like each other. he has a girlfriend who is really weird and she's 2 years younger. me and him spent the night together the other night but we didn't do anything (except he tried cuddling). he's honestly a great guy even though he's kind of cheating on his girlfriend. we talk all the time & he begs to hang out all the time. i've tried ending things with him multiple times but he gets upset & i have to see him everyday and its so hard to not talk to him when he always talks to me. why won't he break up with her? he's made it really obvious that he likes me more i'm just so confused. i've been with so many jerks and players but i can tell that this one genuinely cares about me. i would do anything to be with him so just tell me what to do
cut him off completely & act uninterested
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flirt back & show how much i like him
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stay good friends with him but "talk" to another guy
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wait on him to break up with her and continue to talk to him
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Why won't he break up with her?
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