Guy invited me to a house party in the past, was he interested?

So here's the deal... I've known this guy through a college group thing. I get the vibes that he may have been interested , but I'm not sure. One of the main things that caused even more confusion towards him was when he invited me to a house party. In the text he somewhat said "hey I know this is sorta last minute, but" and asked if I wanted to go to his house party him and his roomies were throwing. I ended up not going that night because I was tired from work and I didn't have anyone to show up with.
The strangest part about this is when I asked my other group member friend if he was going to his party or not they responded that they didn't know one was happening. I thought it was strange my group friend didn't get an invite because it seemed my crush and him got along pretty well whenever we met up for the group project. I tried to logically think that my friend just invited me because he was being friendly, but why weren't the other group members notified and only me?
Anyways skip a month to Halloween that's coming up. I asked my friend and my crush what they were doing. My crush said something along the lines of "I'd invite you again, but you'd probably end up not showing up like last time... haha nah but you guys should come." I feel like he was teasing me about what happened last time and that comment just seemed strange cause he brought up me not going like it mattered to him.
What do you guys think?
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Oops meant to say my crush said he was having another party and that's why he made that comment about inviting me again.
Guy invited me to a house party in the past, was he interested?
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