Roommate Problems... should I pay $32 to replace the vase?

Okay, so I live with two girls I don't know. We're all seniors and things have been going fine until now. One roommate has been getting on my nerves, but I've been letting it slide. If I try to place a blanket on the couch for decoration, she moves it. I tried again, she moved it again. I moved the table (that we don't use) against the couch to give us more room, she moved it back. I've asked her to not wash my dishes... she does anyway at 8am when I'm trying to sleep before class, waking me up after I've worked until midnight. She leaves her belongings all in the kitchen, foyer, and living room, but leaves notes about how I should take out my garbage faster, when she hadn't taken her's out either, talking mine out with hers though I didn't ask her to, leaving me a note. I've offered them food while cooking (which she accepted) and I'm pretty sure she ate my croissants when I first moved in. My new, full wine bottle mysteriously "rolled" off the fridge with my other roommate and busted, but I didn't make a big deal of it and let it go. The only reason they didn't have to pay a deposit on our power bill was because I tool the initiative to put it in my name and my credit is good. Yet, when my roommate leaves a 4-foot glass vase in the pathway of the foyer for weeks and I come in late one night to a dark apartment and accidentally knock it over and break it, a week later she's saying she wants me to replace the $32 vase because it cost too much to just "lose" and her mother was sending fake flowers this week. Why did she have a vase right where people enter and exit all day log? Why wait a week to ask for a replacement? I feel like the majority of it is her fault for leaving a vase she obviously valued where she did. She bitches about me not taking trash out on time, but I'm supposed to reimburse her for a vase she left in the foyer IN THE WAY OF WALKING, for weeks? What should I do? I don't think I owe her the $32 in full and I don't really have it to spare. Advice?
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They've both really stopped talking to me and don't try to include me in things or talk to me, so I'm tired of trying.
Roommate Problems... should I pay $32 to replace the vase?
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