Has anyone ever heard of Black Wall Street?

Here is the article:

I was just wondering because I am a black female and just recently heard about this... but of course no one wants to hear that they have ancestors who constantly screwed over a people and destroyed many promising futures.(ouch)

There is not a lot of old money in the black community and I guess things like is why... 600 black businesses destroyed by a large group of white people from the 1920's out of animosity and jealousy? hmm...

It just sucks because I have reason to believe that I have some ancestry from this area. SO I will forever have to work thrice as hard in whatever carer I choose to pursue because of my lovely white counterparts to be recognized as brilliant? All because some peoples grandparents want me to work in a field and die...

This was really a question, with a rant because I don't know I have feelings? and I'm peed off with the racist pyschos and sad for all the self hating black people.

Black people are literally physically the stronger american, because all of the weak humanst were killed off during slavery. Survival to the fittest I guess. And black skin is admired because of the natural properties that keep it younger than most skin types jokingly put as "black dont crack" ha. Hair? the most lively and naturally voluminous but put under negative as always by a certain people.

Literally strong and beautiful but dehumanized and shamed for it all the time.

Not ok with that, but just curious, who knew of Black Wallstreet?
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This link provides more info than the original article
Has anyone ever heard of Black Wall Street?
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