Awkward situation with female friend, what to do?

So, it got a bit awkward with this woman I'm friends with a couple of weeks ago. I was into her earlier in the year, and we decided to just be friends because she'd just broken up with her "boyfriend" at that time and said she didn't want a relationship, and I was cool with that. Then lately she started to flirt with me a bit and pretty much came straight out and said we should date.

So I invited her over a couple of weeks ago, and she was being a bit strange, and then ended up telling me that she was still married to the guy that she had been calling her "ex boyfriend", and she wasn't interested in me, and was sorry if she'd given me "mixed signals". So that was a bit crushing, but okay.

We had a "chat" through text about a week later, that she initiated, and decided we would still be friends... again. Then I arranged to meet up to study with her one day, and she said yes and we arranged a time, etc, and then she bailed on me like an hour before with some lame excuse. I got a bit annoyed because it seemed like she had no intention of going but left it til an hour before to tell me so I had no time to make other arrangements.

That was like a week ago, and didn't want it to be weird so I've sent her a couple of just normal messages asking about how a couple of things went that I knew she had on.

And she hasn't messaged me back in almost a week.

So, what am I supposed to do now? Just stop, and wait for her to do something?

I feel like it's in danger of getting very weird. But I do still want to be friends with her.
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I want to stay mates with her though guys. She's an awesome mate, but yeah... I'm getting the impression she probably wouldn't make such a great girl friend, at least not for me. Perfectly happy to let another bloke deal with that.
Awkward situation with female friend, what to do?
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