People with a lot of children vs. People with few children?

Well, I have 11 siblings, and that does not include myself, 12 of us total, and all of us are under then age of 18. When we go out in public, EVERYWHERE we go, even if it's just to wall mart, people feel the need to make comments as we pass, or sometimes they are bold enough to walk up to my parents, right in front of all the children and say something like "learn to use condoms" or "so this is where my tax dollars are going?" Just very rude, Every single time I want to hurt them more the then you will believe. It's ridiculous.

HOWEVER, I have noticed, that the kids in my family, and pretty much every other large family I've ever met, have WAAAY better manners and are much better behaved then many children who come from families of just the one child or about two or three children,

Like when walking through a store, my siblings know "don't yell , run, ask for things, or have a tantrum" and so forth

So we'll be walking, all well behaved (we get comments on how well behaved everyone is, not as much as people hate on us for the size, but there's always one or two people who mention it)

And we pass people that have two children, that are running, and screaming, and crying, the parents have no control, and this goes for teenagers too, like my one year old baby sister, says "please" AND "thank you" in the correct context and everything, but so many teenagers from smaller families act like they've never heard anything like that in their lives!

Now, what do you guys think about that? Do you agree that many large families have more well behaved kids, or then opposite? And what do you think when you see a large family versus a small family?
People with a lot of children vs. People with few children?
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