A friend insists to pay every time?

I just got to Canada as an exchange student. I don't know if my friend do this to be friendly or if he is interested in me. I would stop him doing it if he is interested in me because I don't want to take advantage from him. But, I don't want to be rude and narcissus if this is just how people normally do to show kindness and be friendly.

I talk to him almost every day but we never flirt with each other. We have never planned a date.
We went to have dinner together when I happened to be near his office and he chatted with me those days. The first time he paid I said "thank you, I will have to buy you a dinner next time". And he joke about how much he was going to eat next time then. Then Every time we went for a dinner he paid.
I pulled my wallet out. He even took it from me and held it until he paid. It has been 5 times.
I think it's really sweet and nice of him. But it is confusing for me as well.
A friend insists to pay every time?
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